Down Under Nationals 2013 Donation

DUN is held ever second year, and is the Aussie equivalent to the US's NAN (though not nearly as large!)
Each DUN I have donated a custom Breyer. Last time it was the classic scale Marigold, you may remember her. I donated her blank and she was painted up by Sommer Prosser

Well she ended up in the hands of an Aussie, and has since gone onto live show success

This time around I have customised a Breyer Clydesdale foal. Though every single surface has been resculpted, I hesitate to call him 'drastic', so I shall call him 'tweaked' instead.
He is still a Clydie foal, but he has had a growth spurt, gained a new face, a few pounds and an awful lot of hair.
Phineas ('cause I am huge fan of the kids cartoon Phineas & Ferb) raffle tickets are now available through the DUN Website, which can be found here
They are only $2! You could potentially own the fellow for less then I paid for his body ...BARGAIN!!!
So jump in a grab some, I know I will be :)


More soon ...


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