Drastic Zenyatta Custom

'Drastic' is a word a really, really don't like throwing around when it comes to CM's.
I think is highly overused, and often undeserved. If you can tell what it started as, then it is not a drastic CM ...period.

This one however, I think is deserving.

He started out as Zenyatta, every part of the original has been cut out, Dremeled off or sculpted over.
He started as a commission, became an object of dissension, He pushed shoved and fought me in every way, then decided to fly in his own right.
You may remember him from this post; Moving Limbs

Many,  many thanks to Cindy Evans of Knights Tale Studio (You can find Cindy's Blog here, and her Facebook page here) for her wonderful critiques and keeping the lad true to type. He is a much better horse for it.


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